Dear ‘Possums, I Surrender!

We’ve had problems with rabbits and opossums in our garden and frequently set live traps to catch, then release the animals at a nearby park.

A few summers ago, it had been raining like crazy overnight and a young ‘possum picked that night to enter the trap. Hubby was gone until the next day and I didn’t have the heart to leave the poor thing in the trap because the day was going to be blazing hot.

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“Chicken Surprise” Surprisingly Unforgettable

When I married my husband 29 years ago, he literally came with first-wife baggage.

I didn’t mind using the housewares from my husband’s first marriage. I am, after all, a practical person and appreciated the goods. Over the years, though, most of the things that came with him have disappeared from our household as they wore out or were replaced.

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