I’m a Doll Hair Genie!

When I found this Jasmine doll at the thrift store yesterday, I figured it would take the magic of a genie to fix her tangled mess of hair. But it was half-price day, and she was only 50 cents so I decided to rescue her from the evilness that had overtaken her long, dark locks.

Jasmine’s hair is a tangled wreck!

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Faded Mother’s Day Memories

Our mother died after a brain aneurysm when she was 36.

I have many memories of her, but they’re almost as faded as these photographs. Most of my memories are just snippets of sound and images of mom baking a cake, sewing or crocheting; just mom being mom.

It’s been more than 40 years and the loss is still felt but I also smile at the memories.

On this Mother’s Day, I hope your mom makes you smile, too, whether she’s still with us or gone.

Doll Makeover Magician Extraordinaire Works Magic That Leaves Her Mother in Tears

I respectfully, tearfully and officially bestow upon my daughter the title of Doll Makeover Magician Extraordinaire. I can do that because I am her mother. I think you’ll agree she deserves the honor.

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Dear ‘Possums, I Surrender!

We’ve had problems with rabbits and opossums in our garden and frequently set live traps to catch, then release the animals at a nearby park.

A few summers ago, it had been raining like crazy overnight and a young ‘possum picked that night to enter the trap. Hubby was gone until the next day and I didn’t have the heart to leave the poor thing in the trap because the day was going to be blazing hot.

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Craft with Trash!

My sister once looked into my “sewing” room and accused me of being a hoarder.  What can I say.  Much more than sewing happens in that small room.  I can’t help it if the fabric and craft supplies reach to the ceiling!  Storage and space are a big problem for a person who likes to try different crafts.  There are always more supplies I need!

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A Yarn About a Crafter’s Life

One thing often leads to another and another and another in a crafter’s life. A few cardboard boxes, for example, led to doll furniture, which led to doll clothes and who knows what’s next. And the boxes that started it, well, they ended up in the recycling bin.

Here’s how the evolution occurred.

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