We’re sisters who grew up in a creative environment. Our mother, aunts and grandmothers created things by hand for us and other family members. They found creating something unique for the people they love incredibly satisfying. A frugal family, they also knew they could make the things their loved ones needed and wanted for much less financial expenditure and with higher quality than the “store bought” options.

Now we’re mothers, aunts and grandmothers ourselves and the legacy of crafting and thriftiness continues. We – and our daughters – crochet, sew, make things with plastic canvas, create with vinyl and more.

You could say we create a tsunami of crafts!

Here we’ll share with you the crafts we enjoy along with our successes and the failures that eventually lead to success or teach us what we just can’t do. We’ll tell you about products that worked well and not so well. We’ll share articles we find useful and interesting and as the blog evolves, we’ll share even more.

Our skills range from amateur to expert and the crafts we create are everything from simple and beautiful to complex and mundane. That’s the great thing about crafting;¬†perfection isn’t necessary as long as you’re making things you and others enjoy.