How to Make Cute Doll Stands

To keep my grandkids’ dolls from toppling when they’re doing a fashion show, I made stands that should keep the toys off their faces and please the eclectic tastes of the little ones who like colorful things with lots of bling.

Thick cardboard, chopsticks, colorful paper and glue are the foundation for this project. If you can’t find thick cardboard, simply glue pieces of cardboard together until you have the desired thickness. The cardboard I used is about 1/2-inch thick and I liked using Chef Craft chopsticks because they were inexpensive yet sturdy and smooth.

The rest of the supplies are up to you. I used confetti, glass gems, ribbon, rickrack and upholstery trim gleaned from a thrift store where craft supplies, often unrelated, are sold by the bag. When a bag has things I want, I purchase it, frequently ending up with things I don’t necessarily want. This mishmash of things are stored until I find a way to use them, are given to my crafty sister or donated right back to the thrift store.



  1. Cut the cardboard to the desired size and shape and glue the same size paper to the surface of the cardboard.

  2. Attach to the edges of the cardboard ribbon, upholstery trim or anything you like that will cover the surfaces. You’re limited only by your imagination. Glitter anyone?
  3. On the top surface of the stand, attach decorative trim to hide bare edges or gaps and, of course, to add the bling your kiddos will enjoy.
  4. After punching a small hole through the cardboard, put glue on the large end of a chopstick and insert through the hole. You can attach Velcro, clasps or snaps to a ribbon and attach it to the chopstick so you can wrap it around the doll for a more secure hold.

To use, insert the chopstick through the back of the doll’s clothing and position it until you’re ready for the fashion show. If you attached a ribbon, simply position the doll, wrap the ribbon around it and fasten.

The stands won’t hold up to rough play but they should last a while. Considering how easy, fun and inexpensive they were to make, I’ll just make more when they’re needed.

The best things about this project are I used up some odds and ends of craft supplies and created something I know the grandkids will love.

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