Wildlife Encounters Can Have Deadly Consequences for Humans, Animals

News this week about a baby bobcat that had to be euthanized after it bit someone was sad and a lesson about handling wildlife. Even though it was only three weeks old, the bobcat had to be euthanized to check for rabies.

It’s not optional.

Wild animals can carry diseases and people shouldn’t handle them. It’s not safe for humans and can have dire consequences for the animals, such as that cute little bobcat.

Sometimes, however, getting up close and personal with wild creatures is hard to avoid. Today, for example, my husband saw a deer stuck in a fence. The landowner, fortunately, was on hand. He simply cut the wire and there was no contact with the animal. The deer was wobbly but ran for it as soon as it was free.

If you encounter a wild animal, don’t handle it. Contact your state’s conservation department or other wildlife officials who will know what to do.

You may save the animal’s life – or your own.