I Bought a Bowdabra… Now What?

Yesterday my macho husband asked if I’d like to go to a craft store with him.

I fainted.

I picked myself up from the floor and croaked “WHAT? WHAT did you say?” and he replied “I need to go to a craft store. Do you want to go with me?”

I fainted again.

When I came to, he explained he needed letters to put on his newly camo-covered ATV and the hardware store didn’t have what he wanted.

Before he could change his mind, I quickly grabbed my wallet and off we went to Michael’s where he found his letters and I purchased a few things, including a Bowdabra.


It’s not that I have a burning desire to make bows. But thanks to thrift store shopping where craft supplies are sold by the bag – often unrelated items – I have a healthy supply of inexpensive ribbon begging to be used.

Now I’m looking at the thing and wondering what to do. Suggestions and tips are appreciated!


One thought on “I Bought a Bowdabra… Now What?

  1. If you want to know something about bows, ask your niece, Amy! (who is very close to having that baby!) And don’t remind my brother-in-law that I can make those letters he needs! Wouldn’t want you to miss a trip to the craft store!


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